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DJI Phantom QuadcopterDJI Phantom UK
Latest From Quadcopters Uk is the RTF DJI Phantom 2 FPV Edition Quadcopter kit
With FPV Transmitter and Zenmuse Gimbal and The Black Pearl FPV Monitor.
Comes completely ready to fly , just fasten on the props, and charge the lipo.
Transmitter requires 4x AA batteries.
The Phantom 2 FPV edition comes in several variants including completely set up ready for fpv flying or a plug and play option / Self installation wiring option.

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Thermal Imaging RC Quadcopters custom bespoke packages available from
We make endurance quadcopters fitted with the Flir Tau 320 and Flir Tau 640 thermal imaging cameras with dedicated live video downlink so ideal for inspections and search and rescue applications. 
Below is a example of our own Thermal Imaging Quadcopter which is capable of long flight times and very quiet motors to make this ideal for patrolling and survelience on security sites. But the versatile Quadcopter equipped with the Tau 2 640 Thermal Imaging camera is ideal for many tasks and is capable of picking out objects such as rabbits on the ground when hovering at over 200ft high. The Flir Tau 640 2 has a much better resolution than the Tau 320 and is our choice of camera. 

Thermal Imaging Camera Equipped Quadcopter
Thermal Imaging Quadcopter Uk for Search and Rescue Flir Tau 2 640
Example Video of Thermal Imaging Camera fitted to a Quadcopter
Droidworx CX600 Custom Package