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DJI Phantom QuadcopterDJI Phantom UK
Latest From Quadcopters Uk is the RTF DJI Phantom 2 FPV Edition Quadcopter kit
With FPV Transmitter and Zenmuse 3 Axis Gimbal and The Black Pearl FPV Monitor.
Comes completely ready to fly , just fasten on the props, and charge the lipo.
Latest Version with Upgraded Motors and Scroll Wheel on Radio.

Transmitter requires 4x AA batteries.
The Phantom 2 FPV edition comes in several variants. 
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Blade 350 QX V2 RTF Quadcopter Ready To Fly

Blade 350 QX V2 RTF Ready To Fly Quadcopter - IN Stock Now and on sale.

The Blade 350QX V2 combines all of the features that you want from a small, unmanned aerial Quadcopter with all of the ease of use that you’d expect from a Blade product, complete with Spektrum DSMX and SAFE technology.
Buying a Quadcopter from who are dedicated specialists means you will receive expert knowledge from professional staff who fly and love multirotors .Recently, the demand for recreational aerial image and video capture has been rapidly increasingly amongst RC enthusiasts but until now, many have required a prior understanding or level of knowledge that precludes the casual and hobbyist user. As you’d expect from a Blade heli, the 350QX v2 is designed to excel without demanding a prior level of expertise as the Blade engineers have focused on creating a mid-sized Quadcopter that takes away all of the complexity hitherto associated with many camera-mountable Quadcopters, thus making the 350QX a novice-friendly proposition without affecting or diluting any of the characteristics that such a mid-sized camera-mountable Quad has to deliver.

Armed with SAFE technology, the Blade 350QX V2 Quadcopter can be flown in three different modes, each with varying levels of SAFE assistance to help cater for the requirements of the burgeoning pilot. From Smart mode with full assistance through to agility mode with minimal assistance, the performance flight envelope of the 350QX can be set up to match the skills of the pilot or the requirements of the flight.

Smart mode provides the fullest level of assistance and makes the Blade 350QX RTF Quadcopter ideal for novice flyers and recreational video enthusiasts. With self-leveling, altitude and position hold features, Smart mode can help the burgeoning pilot achieve a smooth and steady flight and reduces the risk of disorientation or pilot confusion and panic. The innovative SAFE Circle feature even prevents the 350QX from flying too close to the pilot whilst the Stick Relativity feature ensures that the 350QX will always follow the control stick direction according to the pilot’s location and it’s launch orientation – regardless of which way it is actually pointing at the time. This enables even the most inexperienced pilot to fly with the grace and poise of a professional.

With its inbuilt GPS and altitude monitoring, the Blade 350 QX can even return ‘home’ and land itself safely to its point of motor start up simply with the flick of a switch.

As the pilot progresses, Stability mode limits the flight performance envelope to allow the pilot to explore the boundaries of the flight performance whilst the GPS hold characteristics help keep it in a stable and consistent hover – even if you let go of the sticks. Whilst Agility mode provides an exhilarating flight experience whereby the 350QX will flip, loop and roll with the best of them.

Powered by a 11.V 3S 3000mAh LiPo battery, the 1100Kv brushless motors provide more than enough power to ably fly the 350QX – even when a GoPro camera is mounted to the included anti-vibration camera mount.

Futuristic styling ensures that the 350QX looks as good as it flies whilst the Spektrum full-range DSMX 2.4GHz radio technology provides industry leading RF security and piece of mind.

Available in two completion levels, the RTF version comes complete with a Spektrum DX4 transmitter whereas the Bind-N-Fly BNF version requires a compatible Spektrum DSMX transmitter to complete. Both versions come with a 11.1V 3S 3000mAh LiPo and a 2-3S DC LiPo charger meaning that you can get up and running once the battery has been charged.

Blade 350 QX Quadcopter - RTF Features:

  • SAFE™ technology provides three flight modes with the flick of a switch
  • Smart mode with GPS/altitude lock, stick relativity and the innovative SAFE circle
  • Stability mode with flight envelope protection and GPS hold
  • Agility mode for aerobatics and aggressive flying
  • Return home - automatically lands at the home position
  • GoPro® compatible anti-vibration camera mount included
  • Intelligent motor control automatically stops the propellers upon impact with an object
  • Ready-to-Fly out of the box with a Spektrum™ DX5E transmitter, 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery and charger

DX4 Radio The DX4 transmitter included with the RTF version of the 350QX2 omits trim sliders in an effort to simplify things for beginning pilots. This version of the DX4 offers a 3 position flight mode switch which allows you to select between the flight modes (Smart Mode, Stability Mode, AP Mode). In order to active the return to home feature all you have to do is flip the other switch on the radio.

3000mAh Battery The 350QX2 comes equipped with a larger battery tray which will allow you to fly with the included 11.1V 3S 30C 3000mAh battery. This battery has nearly 30% more capacity than the original 350QX providing more flight-time-per-charge. The 350QX2 can utilize the original 2200mAh battery for those upgrading to the 350QX2 from the original.

Blade 350QX Video showing the Quadcopter in action


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Reviewer: Tiit Estonia   5 Stars
I'm very pleasured to inform You that I just received my 350QX It was extremely quick delivery from UK to Estonia - less than 24 hours! Thank You very much for so professional work!

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