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DJI Phantom QuadcopterDJI Phantom UK
Latest From Quadcopters Uk is the RTF DJI Phantom 2 FPV Edition Quadcopter kit
With FPV Transmitter and Zenmuse 3 Axis Gimbal and The Black Pearl FPV Monitor.
Comes completely ready to fly , just fasten on the props, and charge the lipo.
Transmitter requires 4x AA batteries.
The Phantom 2 FPV edition comes in several variants. 
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DJI Wookong M WKM inc GPS Flight Controllers Now comes with 50 Waypoints (please note you still need the data link for these to work)
Quadcopters Uk are Official DJI Innovations and DJI Hobby Distributors / Dealers and stock the Wookong M wkm controller and all other DJI Products.
DJI Released firmware 5.26 with 50 waypoints without serial number. 

DJI Released version 5.22 firmware which brings even more exciting features to the best flight controller on the market today.
Enhanced algorithm in dealing with various weather speeds, Hot Spot Circle . RTH Return to Home on a switch from transmitter. 
Free Single Waypoint (DATA LINK required) . PPM now supported . Gimbal Servo Frequency 400hz, 200hz, 100hz and 50hz.
More gimbal endpoint so greater travel on the camera gimbal also now supported. 
Latest News Firmware 5.14a Is released for the DJI Wookong , New features include Point Of Interest flying , Support for motor loss on Hexacopters . And better fight algorithums for Attitutude and Gps flying. 
Further updates to the WKM Firmware DJI have just released 5.16 firmware now offering Max altitude setting and also improved support for motor out on hexa and Y6 . 
Also SBUS 2 is now fully supported . 
DJI Release 5.22 Firmware with even more improvements and includes supporting the Bluetooth Led Module and IOS app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.
For best tech and support on DJI Wookong M WKM choose the Uk's first multirotor specialists who are still the market leaders in this field.
Also check out our facebook page which you are welcome to post your Wookong Photos or Videos on and also ask questions etc. 
The DJI Wookong M WKM flight controller is a professional flight controller and the advantages over the DJI Naza is the processor in the Wookong is actually twice as fast as the DJI NAZA and it also has a much better flight algorithum and we have found it is better at handling faster descents and also dealing with Quadcopters , Hexacopters and Large Octocopters with a larger payload the Wookong will out perform the Naza .
Also the DJI Wookong M WKM as the option to upgrade to waypoint flying with the 2.4ghz View and Data Link this will work with a laptop and using the software that comes with the View and Data Link called DJI GCS "Ground Control Station" you are able to do point and click or click and go flying to any point on a 3d map on the screen , also you can upgrade to 50 waypoints which is very useful for 3d mapping applications and Aerial surveys and site surveys etc . 
It also has useful features like Point of Interest POI , Course Lock and Home Lock flying and a very accurate Gps Position hold which is very important for Aerial Photography and Video work . 
In summary if you are looking for a high end professional flight controller for Aerial work then the DJI Wookong WKM M is the obvious choice for most pilots . 
The DJI Wookong M WKM is also a great choice for FPV pilots as this is a superb system and when set up correctly even if you fly out of radio or video range you can be assured it will fly back home to you . 

DJI Wookong M flight controller
DJI Wookong M WKM inc GpsDJI Wookong M WKM inc Gps
Wookong M WKM flight Controller inc Gps
DJI Innovations iOSD MK II , On Screen Display Module for DJI Wookong MDJI Innovations iOSD MK II , On Screen Display Module for DJI Wookong M
DJI iOSD mk2 Module (on screen display) for Wookong M New OSD by DJI Innovations
DJI OSD and DJI Wookong M WKM ComboDJI OSD and DJI Wookong M WKM Combo
DJI Wookong M WKM with DJI IOSD MK II Combo
DJI Wookong M Bluetooth LedDJI Wookong M Bluetooth Led
DJI Wookong M Bluetooth Module.
DJI Can Bus HubDJI Can Bus Hub
DJI iOS Ground Station inc 2.4Ghz Data link and Bluetooth ModuleDJI iOS Ground Station inc 2.4Ghz Data link and Bluetooth Module
DJI iOS Ground Station Data Link inc Bluetooth Module 2.4Ghz