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Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Hexacopter Drone Pro RealSense Version -
Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Hexacopter Drone Pro RealSense Version - Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Hexacopter Drone Pro RealSense Version - Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Hexacopter Drone Pro RealSense Version - Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Hexacopter Drone Pro RealSense Version -
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Yuneec UK Main Dealer Typhoon H
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Yuneec Typhoon H Professional inc Realsense Hexacopter Flying Camera Drone powered by Intel and with built in collision avoidance UK Stock
Package includes: 
Typhoon H Pro RS, ST16, Wizard, RealSense™, IPS, Sonic Avoidance, CGO3+, Batteries x2, Backpack
In Stock from the Uk's Largest Drone Store and Yuneec Authorised Main Dealers -

The Typhoon H is an advanced aerial photography and videography platform. Thanks to YUNEEC's spirit of innovation and pursuit of advanced technology the TYPHOON H is the smallest and smartest member of the TYPHOON family and the perfect choice for both skilled and novice pilots and photographers.

Typhoon H provides up to 22 minutes of flight time while filming using its CGO3+ 4K, 360° rotation camera and comes as standard with the easy to use, intuitive, ST16 Personal Ground Station remote controller - with in-built 7-inch Android touchscreen for viewing superb FPV action. 

New ST16  Personal Ground Station and Controller

The Typhoon H comes with the Yuneec ST16 personal ground station, the perfect controller and ground station to both fly and control all the settings of the platform, gimbal and camera via an intuitive easy to use interface. The ST16 is equipped with a 7“ Android, colour, touchscreen for easy interaction. The screen displays the downlinked video as well as flight information and telemetry data

Camera settings like video resolution, white balance, light exposure (automatic or manual), ISO and shutter speed can be adjusted remotely from the ground. Photos can be taken while recording a video and the still images are available in RAW (DNG) and JPEG format.

Sense and Avoid
**INTEL® REALSENSE AntiCollision Sensors 

RealSense Technology* and Flight Modes

  • The key innovative feature of the Typhoon H is the collision avoidance technology based on the 'RealSense' solution from Intel. It combines laser infra-red and ultra-sonic sensor technologies to detect and avoid even moving obstacles which might cross the flight path of the Typhoon H. The Typhoon H will take evasive manoeuvres as needed autonomously. It works perfectly in congested areas offering a carefree follow me function like it has never been seen before.

    Indoor Positioning System included which aids flight stability even without GPS 

Features of the Typhoon H Professional 4K :

Intel Realsense
Indoor Positioning System
Anti Collision Intel Realsense 
Orbit Point of Interest
Open/Close Scene
5 Rotor Flight Safety Motor Redundancy
Folding Arms with Quick Release Props
Retractable Landing Gear
4K UHD 4K/30FPS , Full HD 1080p/120fps
Secure 5.8Ghz WIFI Video Downlink 
HD Full HD 1080P 24/25/30/48/50/60/120FPS
3 Axis Anti Vibration Gimbal
Controlled Accuracy 0.02degrees /s
No Distortion Lens
12.4 Megapixel Still Images
Watch Me/ Follow Me Features
GPS Antenna
Air Pressure Sensor
Telemetry Data Display
SD Card Complete with Video Tutorials
Dynamic Return to Home
Auto Landing


Even More Features of the Yuneec Typhoon H

  • Complete Ready-To-Fly 4k Camera Drone Hexacopter
  • 4K Ultra HD camera and 3 axis gimbal system
  • Integrated 3-axis 360 degree precision gimbal camera
  • Powered by Intel™ collision avoidance technology
  • Six ultra powerful motors for unparalleled stability
  • Packed with smart filming modes to get the perfect shot
  • Full first person view and telemetry data displayed right on the controller
  • Control the resolution, white balance and exposure all while in the air
  • Up To 25 Minute Flight Time

    Yuneec Typhoon H UK Dealer -

What's Included in the Package 

  • - Typhoon H RTF Set
  • - 3-axis CGO3+ gimbal camera
  • - Intel® Realsense™ Module
  • - Indoor Positioning System
  • - Hardcase Backpack
  • - ST16 Android® GROUND STATION 16-channel 2.4GHz with 7" HD    TouchScreen, video downlink and FPV function
  • - 5,400mAh 4S 14,8V Li-Po battery (2pcs)
  • - AC/DC charger
  • - 12VDC (car socket) and 230V~ power cord
  • - USB adapter cord
  • - Neckstrap and sunshade for ST16 GROUND STATION
  • - 1 Quick-Release Rotor Set (3x Clockwise / 3x Anti-Clockwise)
  • - 1 Quick-Release Rotor spares (2x Clockwise / 2x Anti-Clockwise)
  • - 16GB Micro SD-Card (With Instructions)

Customer Reviews

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Ricky Hobson-Perth-5 Stars

Awesome piece of equipment, I am a complete novice to flying a drone. With flight mode in the S position, the hexacopter almost flys itself, the only problem I occurred was trying to land near me, it won't, you have to be a fair distance away before it will land, make sure you have a large area. Roughly 5 square meter to land in flight mode S. Flying is easy in flight mode S, no matter what direction you fly in if you want to turn right you move the stick right and the hexacopter will fly to the right. Some of the camera and flying combinations are awesome, I watched the launch video and it shows you all the variations the hexacopter is capable of for video and photo shots. This is my first hexacopter drone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone thinking about flying for picture uniqueness or for fun.

  • Flight Time:22 Minutes (Hover)
  • Dimensions: 520x456x296mm (20.5x17.9x11.6 in)
  • Diagonal Wheelbase:480mm (18.9in)
  • Frame Arm Length:187mm (7.4in)
  • Landing Gear Size:265mmx185mm (10.4x7.3in)
  • Motor Stator Size: Ø22*13mm (0.5in)
  • Motor KV:850kv
  • Max Power:200W
  • Working Current:≤15A
  • Working Voltage:12-25V
  • Signal Frequency:50-400Hz
  • Drive PWM Frequency:16K
  • Takeoff Weight:1965g (69.3oz)
  • Battery: 5400mAh 4S/14.8V LiPo (79.9Wh) Battery (1 included)
  • Charger: SC4000-4 4S 14.8V Li-Po DC Smart Charger with AC Adapter (Included)
  • Transmitter: ST16 16-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (Included)
  • Radio Control Frequency Band: 2.4GHz CE Compliant (100mw)
  • Maximum Flying Height: 123m (400ft)(Restricted by CAA)
  • Maximum Rotation Rate: 90°/s
  • Maximum Roll Angle: 45°
  • Maximum Climbing Speed: 11.2mph (5m/s)
  • Maximum Descending Speed:  6.7mph (3m/s)
  • Maximum Speed in Angle Mode (GPS): 30mph (13.5m/s)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5°C to 80°C
  • IMPORTANT WARNING**Local Laws Apply : Maintain Visual Line of Sight of Aircraft at All Times