Blade Inductrix FPV Ready To Fly Tiny Whoop

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Blade Inductrix FPV Ready To Fly inc Screen. 

The Blade Inductrix was first flown by Jesse Perkins, he instantly knew the Inductrix had a lot of potential so he then decided to mount a small FPV Camera and a Video Transmitter to the drone, upgraded the motors and then found a better battery that he called the Tiny Whoop™. Soon after he built the Inductrix there was a wide spread of people buying it and pushing it to its limits. The Inductrix FPV provides the freedom of flight in a full ready-to-fly package as well as an FPV Ready Bind-n-Fly version. No modifications needed for this!

The Inductrix FPV from Blade has an integrated 25mW video transmitter, FPV camera, high performance motors and large 200mAh battery. This Mini FPV Drone is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease. SAFE technology makes flying simple and while the duct propeller design allows you to bounce off walls and objects without damaging the propellers or crashing! Comes out of the box with everything installed on the aircraft. All you need is a FPV Monitor/Goggles to complete the setup for the best FPV experience, if you do want the Goggle setup then you will need to purchase the headset adaptor separately. 

FPV equipped

The Inductrix FPV is equipped with a 25mW video transmitter capable of transmitter on Fatshark channels 1 through 8 and all Raceband channels so you can race several pilots at once. You can select channels from the easy to use button atop the body of the Inductrix. The camera is very lightweight and perfectly protected in the body housing. The antenna we've chosen for video transmission is a dipole and designed with durability in mind. Video range of the Inductrix FPV is nearly 100 yards line of sight and more than adequate to fly in any large building or home.

High Performance Motors

The Inductrix FPV requires much more power to fly around with the added weight of the camera. It comes equipped with our high performance 14,300Kv motors!

Improved Flight Controller

We've tweaked the flight control system for better control in stability mode by allowing pitch to be applied even if the user demands even if throttle is full. Agility mode is now much more controllable too!

200 mAh Battery

Included is a large capacity 200 mAh battery so that you can fly upwards of 4 minutes.

LED Lighting

With brilliant white and red LED lighting illuminating each Inductrix FPV, it's easy to follow friends while flying together or even see if the battery is getting low when they begin to blink. The lights are mounted inside each frame so they too will be protected in a crash.

Quiet Ducted Fans

Each rotor is housed in a true duct and is extremely quiet during flight. The benefit of using ducted fans instead of propellers is they fully protect the fans in a crash and prevents the Inductrix from causing any damage to walls and is safe enough to be caught by hand!


  • Intuitive flight modes that make flying simple
  • Fully integrated FPV flight camera on 5.8GHz
  • Quiet EDF power system
  • Improved motors for better response
  • Durable rotor housings prevent damage
  • Lightweight and fully-assembled with no building required
  • 40ch 4.3” monitor with mount 
  • E-flite® 200mAh 45C LiPo flight battery
  • E-flite® USB charger

BRAND: Blade
MPN: BLH8500

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