FrSky R-XSR Micro Sbus 16ch Receiver

FrSky R-XSR Micro Sbus 16ch Receiver

FrSky R-XSR is a brand new Micro Receiver from Frsky-Rc and is only a 1/3 the size of the XSR but still offering full range and all the same features.
They have the popular IPEX Connection antennas which make it easy to swap these out if needed.
Ours come in the EU LBT firmware but they are easily flashed to non EU .
These are already proving very popular in the Drone Racing sector and are likely to overtake the XM+ in sales.

Frsky-RC are well known in drone racing for there very popular radios and transmitters and was established way back in 2010 as a young exciting company with great vision for the industry.
They provide many popular radios such as the Taranis Q X7 and Q X7S along with the X9D and now they are available in special editions such as the Rock Monster.

Available from our Store Quadcopters Uk and we are proud to be official resellers for Frsky-Rc

There will likely be more positive feedback on these tiny 2.4ghz receivers soon so please keep checking back on our website and blog pages.
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Frsky R-XSR 16ch Receiver 2.4ghz sbus

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