The Quadcopters UK PropGear Track & Simulator

The Quadcopters UK PropGear Track & Simulator

Rotor Rush and Velocidrone have supplied us with a 1:1 virtual copy of our real track outside our HQ (The PropGear Track)! 

Fight for the fastest laps against the community of drone racers from across the world... from the comfort of your own home!

Download and install one of our recommended simulators and setup your desired transmitter. Once you're set up you can tweak and change your flying settings within the simulator - just like you would do with your flight controller on your real quadcopter. Try your skills out on our PropGear track, launched on the 19th of June 2017. The track features many obstacles that require those particular set of skills; Orbiting, Split-S figure, Slalom, up and over gates, fast long straight and a tightly packed ending requiring precise dexterity control.

The PropGear track was built earlier this year with a lot of thought and planning going into the development of the course. 

Here is the team building the track, more specifically: "the tower of doom":

HPIGuy Starts the Quadcopters PropGear UK Track

Richard (HPIGUY) breaking ground.

Quadcopters Drone Racing Track Tower Of Doom

Using professional tools to ensure it's level.

Drone Racing Track and Simulator UK PropGear

The erection of the tower of doom.

HPIGuy taking a break building the race track at Quadcopters Uk

Durability testing.

Tom Smith FPV Flying the Quadcopters Uk Propgear Drone Racing Track

A few flags and gates later the track is complete. Find the video below of Tom racing around the entire track!

Watch Tom Smith FPV rip around the real PropGear track! 

Download RotorRush: Here

Download Velocidrone: Here