The Tom Smith FPV Build Blog

The Tom Smith FPV Build Blog

Tom Smith FPV Armattan Chameleon Build Log with Pictures

The Armattan Chameleon has become one of the most versatile freestyle frame since the QAV series. Quadcopters are proud to produce the Tom Smith FPV Chameleon. Built by Tom himself.


Specs for the Tom Smith Chameleon Build are as follows: 

This build blog has a slightly different specification and makes use of the new CL racing F4 flight controller.
Component layout for Tom Smith Chameleon FPV BuildTom Smith FPV chameleon build partsTom begins by building the Armattan frame with the changeable camera pod and GoPro mount. Adding the CL racing F4 along with the vibration proof standoffs. He then gets a rough guide where motor positions and esc positions should be and cuts the wires accordingly.

CP30 cobra esc chameleon buildCobra 2207 motors Chameleon buildTom Smith building armattan chameleonHeating up the iron, Tom begins to tin the esc pads and motor wires.
TInning 2207 cobra motorsThe perfect length; Soldering the esc's to the motor wires.
Soldering cobra cp30 to 2207 cobra motorsMotors and esc's soldered, Tom now adds heat shrink and removes the signal-ground cable to tidy the combo up! Motors soldered to esc, tom smith fpv buildHeatgun heat shrink esc, cobra 2207 motorOne signal esc wire, cobra motors, tom smith fpv buildNow Tom begins screwing the motors into the frame and shortening the wires to the FC. Armattan chameleon how to build, esc, motor comboTom Smith FPV soldering esc's to CL Racing F4 FCOn to the FC, Tom now tins the pads on the CL Racing F4 flight controller and creates a XT60 pigtail. soldering setup for CL racing F4 Flight controller

Tinning pads on CL racing F4 flight controller

Tom solders up the XM+ receiver to the CL racing F4.XM+ receiver soldered to the CL racing F4 flight controllerScrewing the matek standoffs down to the FC, Tom also adds the pigtail for the TBS unify.He now solders the power wires and the signal wires to the CL racing FC.Tom Smith soldering esc's to CL racing F4 flight controllerSoldering to the CL racing F4 flight controller, how to

Backing the esc's with double sided foam tape.

Double sided foam tape under drone esc, cp30 cobraTom now places the receiver into the frame and feeds the antennas on to zip ties at a right angle to ensure maximum range.

XM+ frsky receiver antenna's at right angle, zip ties and heatshrinkAdding the Runcam swift 2 with the flat back mounting plate.Now, Tom adds the TBS unify with a stub triumph antenna and sets the output power to 25mw.TBS unify V2 with TBS triumph stub antenna on Tom Smith FPV chameleon buildFinally the top plates are mounted and screwed back into position.

In the goggles: Tom changes camera and OSD settings.

Changing OSD settings smart audio Tom Smith FPVWeighing in; the newly built chameleon comes in at 345g.

Weight of armattan chameleon build, tom smith fpv chameleon buildPlugged in, the betaflight software is Tom's go to when it comes to flight controller firmware! Binding and range setting on the FrSky Taranis X9D. - Remember to remove those props!Range setting and binding in betaflight, XM+ and Frsky Taranis X9DTest fly time!Tom Smith FPV Armattan Chameleon Build

You can order your very own Armattan Chameleon built by Tom Smith HERE