Build Your Own Freestyle Drone Kit (6S)

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Build Your Own Freestyle Drone Kit 6s 

The kits we put together are using premium products but at an affordable price to get you started with freestyle drones. We also only supply these kits with genuine TBS Source one frames supplied by Team Black Sheep to be assured of quality.
The Motors, FC, and ESC's are also high quality which are not only designed to last but will perform.

Over the years many people bought RTF drones only to be let down when parts are no longer available or compatible, so with this kit we aim to make a change as well as teach you a thing or two, and in our opinion build a better machine. When it comes to a first build people usually don't want to spend a whole lot of money so we compiled this kit using some our budget friendly stock.

Building your own drone can be very rewarding, and it's not as hard as it use to be "back in the day", You can be up and flying in no time and the stock settings on Betaflight work great. Not only that but should you break anything (and you will) you can easily replace that broken part OR upgrade it to something else, and that's another bonus of self building instead of a locked down RTF.

Still unsure if you have what it takes to build one? watch our helpful "how to build a drone" video using all of these parts listed. (video to follow) 


Lets face it, we all crash, it's just a part of FPV and it happens more that you think, so you want a frame that is readily available and affordable, so we chose the TBS Source One frame. This frame was designed by the community for the community and the price and performance reflects that. 


We chose the T-Motor Velox brushless motor for its price, but don't be fooled, these motors are lightweight and powerful. Perfect whether you choose to race or freestyle in your local bando. And these look stunning too with there diamond style pattern.


The Integrated ESC's are 40amps and capable of 6cell power. 


The most popular video transmitters on the market come from TBS, so we have decided to add a Unify Pro HV race to this kit. Capable of 25Mw up to 200Mw and covering all of the bands and channels used in the FPV scene, this VTX if perfect for this kind of build. 


Runcam have been around from almost the start and they know how to make a great camera. For this build we chose the Runcam Robin. This camera is a good all rounder with great WDR (wide dynamic range) keeping your view clear when flying around in challenging lighting conditions. 


Antennas are very important to send your video wirelessly to you on the ground, they also need to be very tough to withstand crashes at 70mph or more. We have found the menace raptors to give the best bang for buck when it comes to both of these factors and they just so happen to come in at a great price point.

Other bits:

We also include a set of props to get you in the air, you should look at props as a consumable (like tyre's on a car) they are going to get worn and need replacing regularly, so each kit contains a set of the best HQ props on the market. You will also get and XT60 battery connector to power the quad,battery a strap and some 60/40 soldering wire.

What you need:

1 x Radio and Receiver

1 x lipo battery (4cell is recommended)

1 x Lipo Charger

If flying FPV you will want a set of goggles or a screen. The most budget friendly option are the Fatshark Recons.

1 x Soldering Iron and Solder (we include some good 60/40)

So start your journey today with a future proof drone.  


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