CL Racing F4S V1.5 Flight Controller built in PDB and OSD

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CL Racing F4S Flight Controller V1.45AIO with built in PDB and BetaFlight OSD . New Version
Introducing the latest development in F4 AIO flight controllers. CL Racing F4S designed by Cheng Lin.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the V1.5 F4S flight controller
Earlier versions of this board may cause death roll with certain escs this version is spot on. 

This board is designed to fully embrace all the features of Betaflight. In fact, this design is ahead of Betaflight, in this case, because it is designed to be fully functional when Betaflight 3.2 will be released. Everything works, except the buzzer, which will work when betaflight 3.2 is ready. It's a programmable micro buzzer. See video below for more info and to get a look at it. You can also have a look at the full wiring diagram and specs below. 


There are rumors that the designer, Cheng Lin, spent months in complete isolation working on this design atop Tibetan mountains in California. When he returned, he had a long beard, dirty toe nails and nothing but rags for clothes. But he was also wearing a big smile. To this day, Cheng has not once discussed his moments in isolation. Seems imminent he is preparing for another hiatus. We certainly can expect to see great designs from him in the future as the hobby evolves, just like this one.

Board information: and Technical specifications:

  •  LiPo Input: 2-6S (5V-30V)
  •  Power rail: 3.3v,5v,9v,vbat
  •  132A ( MAX display ) Current sensor with 160A PDB build in
  •  6 layer 2oz Copper PCB
  •  Size: 36x36mm
  •  Mount Holes: 30.5 x 30.5 mm
  •  CPU - STM32F405RGT6 (F4 chip)
  •  MPU-6000
  •  Full SD Card socket
  •  Build in 5V BEC 2A
  •  Build-in User selectable 9v or 5v 2A Filtered BEC For camera and VTX
  •  Dedicated Camera setting control pads along with camera power signal pads
  •  Dedicated VTX connection with along with TX4 for easy connect and control VTX
  •  Build in Betaflight OSD
  •  4 UARTS + USB (UART1 , UART3 ,UART4, UART6 ) (Pinout TX1, TX4,RX4, TX6,RX6 )
  •  5V LED strip output
  •  4 motors on each corner for a better layout.
  •  Support RX : Dedicated Sbus hardware inverted ,Satellite RX, Ibus,TBS Crossfire
  •  Dedicated hardware inverted connect to UART3 for smartport telemetry
  •  4 in 1 esc socket with external current sensor input
  •  Support TP and Smartaudio VTX
  •  Buzzer pads for external buzzer

Note : Please always test the board first using usb connection as returns cannot be accepted once the Flight Controller as been soldered Also The CLRacing F4S does not work with: EMAX Bullet ESCs, Kiss ESCs, ZTW Polaris 25a ESCs, LittleBee Zeus ESCs. If you use these components or have a death roll issue, adding a cap to each ESC may solve the problem

Harry Evans
A very good FC! had broken 3 Matek F405-OSD flight controllers before i purchased this one. I highly recommend this FC and PDB as it is very simple to use and comes with only the raw feature. These features include OSD, PDB! and current sensor. It doesn't have a barometer, which in my opinion is a positive, because who would use a barometer on a racing drone...!? From the few days i have been using it i have had no trouble setting it up and getting OSD working was a dream, unlike on all three of my Matek-F405-OSD. Another really useful feature is the built in PDB which means i haven't had to run wires between the FC and the PDB meaning it is more fail-safe and trustworthy. This also means it is very suitable for a tight build and has allowed me to fit in a 4-in-1 ESC, FC (and PDB) and a VTX in a stack. Also, it came with the latest Betaflight version flashed on it which was a pleasant surprise. One of the last features is that it supports an external or an internal current sensor so you can use the one on the 4-in-1 esc. My final point is that it cost a similar price to that of a Matek F405-OSD and PDB combination and so for the money is a bargin! I cannot think of any negatives and so this seems to look like a bias review, but it is a really good FC all-in-one.

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