Clearview 5.8G Racing TBS Edition Receiver by Iftron

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ClearView Racing 5.8Ghz Receiver will elimate dropouts and glitches be among the first UK pilots to own and change how you Fpv Drone race forever . 

TBS Edition comes with 2 X Patch Antennas and Aluminium Tripod Mount - Now in stock and our version comes with the Spektrum Analyzer App which will future proof any firmware updates.

Iftron's ClearView Digitally Enhanced Video Receiver virtually eliminates most of the problems and shortcomings of today's wireless video systems. Issues like glitches, dropouts, fades, tearing, latency, screen freeze and much more are virtually eliminated or drastically reduced, while ClearView's latency-free technology enhances range and provides a far more robust video link. ClearView achieves these performance gains by employing new, highly advanced (patents pending) techniques in the processing of standard wireless video signals. With ClearView, today's SD transmitters and cameras need not be replaced. ClearView leverages existing wireless video to provide far better and robust reception.

Fed up with annoying glitches, dropouts, antenna fades, horizontal tearing, noise bands and the rest of the video nasties that can cost you the race? Now there's ClearView Racing! by Iftron Tech

  • Race-Winning Performance Advantages!
  • Even Race Indoors!
     ClearView Digitally Enhanced™ receivers virtually eliminate all the problems that conventional video receivers can't even touch. And check this out: special software inside each ClearView Racing™ receiver actually prevents intruding signals from taking control of your picture. Result? You get the cleanest fastest start possible! And latency-free ClearView does it all with your present video transmitter and camera!
    ClearView digitally enhanced racing receivers are totally amazing on the track and so advanced, they even work indoors where FPV flying was previously impossible!
     (Tested and proven in an all-metal building with rebar concrete floor by well respected FPV multirotor race organizer: " cdee" on RCGroups)
    No other video receiver can make these claims because no other video receiver works the way ClearView does. (Patents Pending) An exclusive, built-in OSD Spectrum Analyzer App is also available.
    Features and Specifications
  • Virtually Eliminates These Nasty Problems: Glitches, Dropouts, Rolling, Horizontal Tearing, Jaggies, Noise Bands and most other aberrations.
  • Intruding Signal Rejection: Ignores most intruding signals so only yours is synced to your display
  • Ultimate Sensitivity:  Better than -103dBm
  • Added Latency:  0 
  • Video Modes: NTSC / PAL
  • Information Display:  OSD over Live Video and Service Menu System
  • OSD Spectrum Analyzer App: Available extra cost option
  • OSD Control:  OSD Placement, Frequency, CV Icon, etc.
  • Frequencies:  User Programmed (unlimited in 5.8GHz band)
  • Tuning:  Quick Access OSD Racing Menu
  • Input Power:  2-4 LiPo at 3W (Constant Power)
  • Input Connector:  Standard 2.1mm DC Power Jack. Center +
  • Size: 4.75" x 2.85" x 0.75"(120 x72 x19mm)
  • 2 AV Outputs: 1ea. 3.5mm A/V to 3RCA Cable (supplied)
  • Field Updates: Optional Future-Proofing Cable for internet connected PC's with Win XP through W10, makes it easy to install the latest improvements or options
  • Benefits of ClearView vs. Conventional Analog Wireless Video:

    No Glitches
    No Dropouts
    No Horizontal Tearing
    Much Greater Dynamic Sensitivity
            More Than Twice The Ultimate Range

    Much Higher Immunity to Antenna Effects Such As:
        Cross-Polarization Null
    No Dead-Zone
    No Horizontal Noise Streaking
    Compatible With Existing NTSC and PAL Video Cameras and Transmitters
    Transmission Band Independent
    Receiver Side OSD With Live Video Capable

    Benefits of ClearView vs. Digital Wireless Video:

    No Latency
    No Screen Freeze
    No Tiling
    No 'Falling Off The Cliff'
    No Pairing and Re-Pairing Delay
    Much Longer Range
    Similar Practical Resolution
    Transmission Band Independent
    Allows Receiver Side OSD with Live Video

    See just how the Iftron ClearView Racing Receiver Performs Indoors.

BRAND: Iftron
MPN: If-cv-race-58

Massive improvement on signal especially in RF noisy situations and indoor tracks/arenas. Used at the indoor race at Nottingham and what a difference to just using the diversity on the goggles, somehow it takes the 2 images from the diversity and seams them together to make a much clearer view , maybe hence the name clearview. Outdoors in a open field this won't make a big difference but in certain conditions its worth its weight in gold.

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