DemonRC Fury BNF Competition Spec Racing Drone

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Built in house by our resident FPV Pilot Tom Smith 

  • DemonRC Fury Frame
  • T-Motor F30a 2-4s Dshot Esc OR CP30A Cobra Esc
  • T-Motor F40 Pro 2400kv OR Cobra CP-2207 2450KV Champion Series Motor
  • Matek F450-Osd F4 Betaflight Flight Controller
  • Matek Fchub-6s Osd With 184a Current Sensor Pdb
  • Matek M3 Vibration Dampning Fc Standoff 4pcs
  • Tbs Unify Pro 5.8g Hv Race
  • Menace Rc Raptor Antenna Stub Version 5.8ghz Sma Rhcp
  • Runcam Swift 2
  • Hqprop 5x4.3x3 V1s Durable Polycarbonate Pc

DEMONRC FURY FULL UK CLASS RACING DRONE – RTF/ARTF Choose between Cobra or T-Motor Power Setups.

Do you want a machine capable of keeping up with the pros? We decided that the off the shelf RTF and ARTF racing quads just could not compete in real world competitions against custom built machines. So now is your opportunity to bridge the gap and really accelerate your game with our new RTF and ARTF packages.

UK Class

UK Class means that this machine is permissible to be raced in all UK events. This means that no more than 25Mw can be used and no larger than 5-inch plastic propellers. So we have fitted the TBS Unify Pro digital VTX that cover all bands and channels including the now racing standard "RaceBand" channels. We have matched the HQ props to our T-motor F40 2400KV motors to give you incredible low down torque and at the same time fast forward flight. Or, as a changeable option, the Cobra power-setup. Involving the CP30A Cobra esc’s, feeding the monstrous 2207/2450kv Cobra Motors.

In Field Programming

No need for a computer here. Rates too low? PIDS not right? Want to change the colour of the LEDs? No problem. The Betaflight FC is capable of changing all of this with the remote controlled OSD. Much like the ImmersionRC Vortex you can now enter the menu and change tonnes of settings through your FPV goggles or monitor.

Lightweight Frame

The frame of choice here is the DemonRC Fury. The Fury is a strong, durable 4mm thick carbon fibre frame, comprising of 4 separate detachable arms and bottom plate, makes for easy repairs when a single arm breaks. However, the last thing you want at a race is to be swapping out arms after a crash, and we have flown this for the last few months without snapping a single arm. However, if you manage to fly like Tom Smith… spares are available from our store.

Runcam Swift 2 Camera

The majority of competitors at race events use the Runcam Swift 2. The WDR, (wide dynamic range) is excellent giving you the best performance imaging at a low cost. You can also change settings with the supplied cable without having to power up the quad (most race events don't allow powering up other than during the race) so this makes it super handy. The camera comes with a 2.3mm lens and is capable of using the 2.5 and 2.1 lenses on the market. If you want a different lens let us know and we will fit one for you.

Thought in design

Why is this important? Not only do you break props during a crash but it's also common to break the SMA connector from the VTX and in turn burn the VTX out. To reduced the risk of this happening we use a "pigtail" connected with a zip tie that can snap off saving you ruining your equipment and making fixing as easy as adding a new zip tie. The Antenna supplied is the Menace Raptor (RHCP), small lightweight giving excellent video reception and still very durable. There are also many more minor touches that go into making this a great machine like short 14AWG wire to connect the XT60 to the PDB reducing internal resistance and a built in OSD so you can keep an eye on your battery voltage and more.

ESC's with BLHeliS

We supply our machines with either the CP30A Cobra ESC or the T-motor F series ESCs (30 amp) to reduce risks of thermal cut offs and over draw. We also flash the ESC's to the latest firmware and set them up to match the motors. BLHeliS is the latest protocol allowing the flight controller to talk quickly to the ESC's giving you a faster and smoother flight characteristics.


All our machines come set up with Betaflight 3.0.1 or higher. Even using stock PID’s with the right rates makes this machine cut through the air and turn on a penny.


The choice is yours; RTF comes with an FrSKY Taranis Plus that is fully set up. A BNF comes with an FrSKY XM+ receiver installed (under the FC). We like to use the XM+ due to its lightweight and size and also because it uses the SBUS protocol to reduce lag between the TX/RX.

Don't forget we can fully customise this machine to your liking. This includes adding things like a clear aerodynamic housing over the arms or LEDs.

Want something changing? Get in touch now and we will customise a machine for you.

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