DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Stabilised Camera and Gimbal

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DJI Osmo 4k On Sale inc 2 Free Lipos HandHeld Fully Stabilised Camera and Gimbal also capable of 12mp stills and capable of smart 360 panaroma shots - Availble from UK Store. 

UK Stock and Authorised DJI Dealer 

Introducing the New Latest Smart Handheld Camera from DJI Innovations - The Osmo. 

Capable of stunning 4k Video , 12mp Stills and can control and view image from your smart phone . 

Featuring Remote control , Ergomic Grip, A host of accessories are available seperately inc bike mount, tripod mounts and extension sticks etc. 

Take your videos to the next level with this all in one device gone are the days of shaky handheld recordings .

Imagine motion shots without blur, And your action shots without shake and wobble now you can create perfect video when on the move .

No more fisheye distorted images seen with other cameras even when you tilt it will remain a clear undistorted image or video. 

Automatic 360 Degree Panorama Mode

The Osmo has a unique amazing feature built in which can create automatic full 360 panorama by simply lifting the camera above your head and the camera will rotate taking a series of images to create the perfect 360 of your location or scene. The Go app then seamlessly stiches the images together to give you a great looking pano.

Create Easy and Amazing Time Lapse and Hyper Lapse Video 

The Osmo will help you create superb time lapse videos or even moving hyperlapse whilst moving through busy streets etc without the need for a tripod, So now you can take hyper lapse to a whole new level.

Long Exposures without the need for a Tripod

Even long exposure shots are possible with the DJI Osmo camera can capture stills of upto 2 seconds but practice and get creative and even longer exposures are possible. 

Ground Breaking Stabilisation System

Already DJI lead the way in the camera stabilzation systems around the world with products used by the top TV and Film makers such as the Ronin and Ronin M , The 3 axis stabiliser will cancel out any movements from your hand or mount and elimate and cancel out hand shake and wobble on 3 directions so perfect stable video can be created. 

Controls Just Where you Need Them

The Osmo grip has been carefully and specifically engineered for comfort and useability in mind along with durable materials and designed to fit snug in the palm of your hand. 

Conveniently placed controls and buttons are easily reached by the thumb for easy access to the main controls. 

There is also a smart phone holder included so you can see the view from the camera and control it with the powerful DJI Go app , Your phone is also the hub for all the smart shooting modes. Mobile Phone not included. 

Remote Control of the Osmo

All the shooting modes can also be accessed via the smart app on your phone or smart device, you can even mount the osmo on a tripod and walk back and then control via your phone. Your Osmo camera will automatically go into sleep mode after a period of time being put down this saves the battery life dramitacally.

DJI Osmo Camera 4K UK

Stunning Quality Stills and Video

The Osmo X3 Camera is capable of 4k Video at frame rates of 24, 25 and 30 frames per second so shooting for large screen tv's will look superb. Still images can be captured at 12 mp in adobe DNG Raw, or Jpeg so editing is easy for the professionals and amateur photographers. 

Not only is the osmo compatible with the supplied camera the X3 but it can also accept the DJI X5 series of cameras so if you own something like the Inspire 1 Pro then swapping the cameras over is a breeze. 

Full Range of Accessories and Mounts Available

The Osmo has a wide range of mounts and accessories available such as Bike Mounts, Car Mounts, Extension Poles, Universal Mounts and Tripod so this makes the camera very versatile in the applications it can be used for. 


It also has a on board microphone so you can record audio along with advanced settings like gain etc, it is also equipped with a 3.5mm jack socket so you can plug in your own mic if you desire. 

BRAND: DJI Innovations
MPN: dji-osmo

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