EzUHF Lite RX 8 channel

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EzUHF Lite 8 Channel Receiver by immersionRC

The EzUHF 8 channel receiver (lite edition) is a super lightweight 8CH receiver for use with the ImmersionRC EzUHF system. It can provide long range control of your FPV model.

Compact Long-Range R/C Receiver

Lightweight, single-antenna version of the 8 channel receiver with a similar feature set.

Interference Rejection 

The antenna input contains a 7-section ceramic low-pass filter, which silences interference from nearby high-power video transmitters on 900/1.2/2.4/… bands. Attenuation at 900MHz is > 40dB, at 2.4GHz > 75dB, right at the antenna input.

Mikrokopter Compatibility Programmable 

MK mode, emits raw PPM on a chosen channel. The EzUHF Rx is an ideal receiver to use on Mikrokopters used for longer-range flights.

The ceramic filtering is a huge benefit on a small MK frame, which has a Video Tx antenna nearby.

EzLink connection to an EzOSD

No more guessing! the EzLink cable connects the EzUHF to an EzOSD on-screen display. All critical parameters are sent to the OSD, which displays them live on the display, and downlinks them along with the antenna-tracking telemetry.

A ground-based EzAntennaTracker displays the parameters on its LCD display, and the ImmersionPlayer application plots them on its Google-Earth™ overlay.


• Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)

• 433MHz/70cm Ham band operation

• -113dBm Sensitivity

• Receive-only

• Single Antenna configuration

• Ceramic filtered input, eliminates nearby high-power video Tx interference

• Mikrokopter mode, emits PPM on a chosen channel

• Vehicle mode, couples two chosen channels (ideal for coupling steering servos on monster trucks)

• USB Connection for easy firmware upgrades and advanced configuration

• EzLink connection to a EzOSD, providing in-flight display and telemetry down-linked parameters:

 -RSSI Ant. 1

 -Frequency Error

 -SNR for each freq. bin

 -Link Quality

• Standard SMA antenna connector, compatibility with standard 433/70cm band antennas

• 8 standard servo connectors

• Failsafe, preset by button on the EzUHF transmitter


Power Requirements: 4.8~6V, 35mA

Dimensions: 70x30x10mm

Weight: 10g (w/out antenna and wire leads)


BRAND: ImmersionRc

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