iFlight Pagoda 2 Long Johnson 5.8GHz FPV Antenna

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The iFlight Pagoda 2 Antenna is an omnidirectional circularly polarized 5.8GHz FPV antenna, designed by Maarten Baert, which comes with great performance and small in size. This antenna utilizes a 3 tiered 1.0mm FR-4,1 oz copper PCB and extremely durable heat shrink material to replace the typically fragile wire elements. The Pagoda II has a very good axial ratio measurement <1.3 and SWR of 1.2. It will work great as either video TX or video RX antenna and for best performance we recommend using it as a matched set. 

The 150mm antenna feeder can be bent in 360° when mounting on VTX can be kept far away from the drone body and reduce its interference; When mounting on a monitor or Goggle glasses, this antenna is taller than usual antennas, therefore it brings more stable and smooth visuals. 


* 150mm 5.8G 2dBi FPV antenna with SMA/RP-SMA male connector

* Omnidirectional radiation, perfect axial ratio - wide signal coverage

* Reasonably small and impact-resistant, ideal for racing drones

* Easy to manufacture, thus more affordable for a hobbyist

* Works great as both a transmitting or receiving antenna


- Connector : SMA Male Black 

- Polarizability: RHCP 

- Gain : 2dBi 

- Color : Black/Red

- Weight : 13.2g 

- Length : 150mm  

- Frequency : 5.8G 

- Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.55 – 6.05 GHz) 

- SWR: S11 < -20 dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at center frequency)

- Impedance : 50Ω 

- Radiation efficiency: 95% 

- Polarization : Right Hand Circular (RHCP)

- Radiation : Omni 

Package included:

1 x Pagoda-2 5.8GHz 2dBi RHCP FPV Antenna 150mm

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