TBS Led Tiny Whoop Smart Gate Set inc Race Tracker

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Brand: Team Black Sheep



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TBS Team Black Sheep SmartGate Timing System inc RaceTracker

Get a set of 4 micro LED racing gates with a TBS RaceTracker to provide SmartGate functionality for your Tiny Whoop sessions!

Our TBS LED Racing Gates are the newest innovation in the microracing market, but you haven’t tapped into their full potential till you connect them to our TBS RaceTracker.

When paired with the RaceTracker, the Smart Gate technology takes control of the gates to indicate the start and end of a race. As the race goes on the gates will flash the color assigned to the drone that has just flown through, in coordination with the RaceTrackers timing and cues. If you get the fastest lap, your dominance is portrayed for everyone to see with a rapid flashing signal.

1 x TBS Racetracker
4 x TBS Micro Racing Led Gates

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