Chameleon Ti Freestyle Rotor Riot Edition BNF

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Armattan Chameleon Titanium Freestyle BNF Rotor Riot Edition built by Tom Smith 
Introducing the new kid on the Bando block is our RotorRiot edition Chameleon.
Now using the new titanium frame version. 

Hand built by renowned FPV pilot Tom Smith to his very high standard this quad just ooze’s quality. This isn’t your average thrown together machine, Tom takes his time choosing parts that compliment each other to not only give you a great performer but something you can look at and appreciate the workmanship that has gone into it. Every wire is cut just so and then routed in such a way as to not spoil the aesthetics, this is not an M&S quad…it’s a T&S quad.


Every quad needs a reliable foundation to build upon so we chose the tough as nails armattan chameleon frame. The frame has been tried and tested by our very own Tom Smith, with it titanium front camera guards its got you covered in the event of a crash and as you know Tom doesn’t exactly take it easy on his gear so if its good enough for him its damn well good enough for us. That said even if you do manage to break it you are covered with armattans lifetime warranty. Not only does this frame look the mutts nuts but with its low rider style design bringing the battery closer to the centre of gravity it give’s you even more snappier rolls and save your battery from those accidental trips into terra firma.

RR Hypetrain motors:

The RotorRiot Hype train Ezo Version 2306 motor is the latest and greatest motor on the market designed and manufactured in colaberation with T-motor and the RotorRiot. These are not just some motor that have had RR slapped on them, they have been carefully designed and tested then re designed tested again over and over by some of the worlds best know pilots to produce a silky smooth and reliable motor. Efficiency is also a key factor drawn into the design giving you a slightly higher gram per watt efficiency than similar sized motors keeping you in the air for longer.

Flight Controller

Our most popular FC to date is the Matek F405 -STD with is powerful 168MHz processor so naturally we used it in our build. Packed full of features like a 6 axis ICM-20602 and betaflight OSD this FC will do pretty much everything you need including PID / Rate changes in field and VTX power/channel/band all from the comfort of your chair without having to use a laptop. 


Spedix IS30…? But you could use something more expensive I hear you say.. But why when these spedix are not only priced well but perform amazing and should you bust one its not gonna be expensive to replace. Another reason for is that this build come’s pre configured with “turtle mode” these esc’s are perfect for this function so next time you crash hundreds of meters away in the field you can simply flick a switch and reverse the motors and right yourself. 


HQ are the market leader for props so naturally we paired our hype train motors to some Quadcopters Orange 5x4.3x3 V1S to give you super efficiency and hoonage capability.


Theres a lot of “good” vtx’s on the market but when it comes to video frequencies good isn’t enough we need the best, so we fitted the TBS UNIFY PRO V3 giving you multiple choices when it comes to output power from 25Mw to 800Mw. Smart audio ready means you can change Band/Channel/Power via the OSD or run your own LUA script from the radio.


Sticking with TBS we use the Triumph thanks to its good all round performance on the 5500-6000MHz frequency and low weight, oh and its above normal durability.

Tony from AB Jetting
Bought this drone because i didn't have any time to build one brilliant piece of kit

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