TBS Croutons

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TBS Croutons

As secretly used by all top pilots around the world, these amazingly delicious croutons will have you powerlooping everything in your local park.

*key features:

Adds 25% more speed to your quad and give up to 9 mins extra flight time

Increases powerloop tightness by up to 18%

Improves SBUS response times down to 0.00.1203102 micro seconds (not compatible with Frsky)

Instant 34% extra sex appeal

Reduces hunger for up to 12mins

Reduces vibration on your quad eliminating noise to the gyro

Completely removes all propwash from Gemfan - HQ - Dalprops 

Pilots that take these croutons often have noticed an increase in followers not only on Youtube but also instagram and other social media websites.

Here are some Pilot testimonials:

"We got cornered in a bando by a werewolf, as we were about to be eaten alive I remembered that inside my bag I had some TBS croutons, I quickly whipped them out and threw them into the corner of the room. Immediately the werewolf leapt onto the bag popping it and started to eat them, we quickly ran out the door and off the site, without those croutons we would of been dead for sure" - Richard Whelan aka HPI GUY

"I was once flying in a bando when I bumped into some other pilots, for some reason they threw a bag of TBS croutons at me then ran away, I decided to eat the croutons and continued to fly for the rest of the day. I have been eating them ever since" Tom Smith aka YeahLad

"I use to fly a lot and be well known in the industry. One day I saw TBS launched a new product called the crouton so I bought a few packets. Before I knew it I was hooked and eating 20bags a day. I decided to sell all my FPV gear to buy more and more and more. Now I have no money left and I work 12 hours a day in animation Dreamworks studio to pay off my crouton debt" Carlos Fernandez Puertolas aka CharpuFPV


Works with 5.8ghz

No SMA connector included 

Can be consumed by Humans,dolphins,unicorns and werewolves.

*Results may vary 

Not endorsed by TBS not a real tbs product - duh!

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