FlightClub Tokio X FPV Racing Frame 5"

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FlightClub Tokio X 210 True X Fpv Racing Frame with TPU Canopy Pod UK Stock.

Prepare to change your outlook of racing drone frames.  Even though the frame looks simple and minimalistic, look closely and you will see every millimeter of the FlightClub Tokio frame has been engineered with an obsession to perfection. Chamfered carbon, high quality components make this a great lightweight racing pod style frame. These are becoming more popular in the UK FPV Drone racing scene.
A great carpark bashing frame as will withstand crashes well. Used by many top pilots in the UK and Worldwide.


Heavy emphasis was placed on protection and durability. Less broken parts means maximum flight time. The FPV camera is the most commonly damaged component.  
Tokio has three stages of camera protection. All three are designed to dissipate the shock of impacts.

  1. Thick protruded lip around the lens. This is designed so the lens sits inside the frame.
  2. Flexible canopy.  Absorbs the shock of impacts.
  3. Bendable bracket that mounts the camera. (A flexible FPV camera mount is recommended)

An ultra durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane Canopy houses all the delicate electronics. Unlike a full carbon frame, a flexible canopy can dissipate the shock of impacts.  Carbon fiber is super strong but brittle. There is zero give. The impact will either damage the carbon fiber or your delicate onboard electronics. A semi-flexible canopy is like flying around with a pillow around your electronics. VTX and antenna protection.  The antenna has been engineered to slope down below the propellers and not touch the ground.  If the frame lands upside down the antenna never touches the ground or propellers. Built in motor guards.  The shape of the carbon fiber around the motors is design to protect the motors. Simple and effective design.


Introducing Butter Mount.  An innovative new way of mounting the flight controller stack. The Butter Mounts are designed in a way the mounting screws never touch the carbon fiber frame.  Motors, unbalanced props or damaged props can transmit noise to the flight controller in the form of vibrations. These micro vibrations can cause erratic flight behaviors, oscillations and in extreme cases burn out motors and ESCs. Butter Mounts will greatly reduce if not eliminated flight controller vibration issues. Simple but smart way of mounting the canopy.  Only requires two screws to mount the canopy on the carbon fiber frame. Makes it really easy to build or do field repairs. Less hardware equals savings in weight. Once mounted the canopy is guaranteed to not come off.

  • Fully chamfered outside edges
  • Completely flat bottom with countersunk screws. Prevents the battery from getting shredded by protruding screw heads.
  • Hypotensed Carbon fiber. The frames are rotated 45 degree so the carbon fiber strands run down the arms
  • Antenna ports slightly below the top of the canopy to minimize damage
  • Easy access to change VTX channels
  • USB ports on sides of canopy
  • Camera angle lock (if used with the FOXEER Arrow or RunCam Swift)
  • Easy to swap battery strap

Great care was put into designing the shape of Tokio.  From the areodynamic canopy to the shape of the carbon fiber frame, we tried to minimize air drag by reducing the surface area in the Z  (vertical) and X (horizontal) axis.

  • 210mm True-X frame
  • 4mm fully chamfered hypotense bottom plate with countersink holes
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Canopy
  • Weight 103g
  • 4mm True-X Carbon fiber hypotense and outer edge chamfered bottom plate
  • Ultra durable Injection Molded Semi Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Canopy
  • 1.5mm carbon fiber VTX plate
  • Canopy mounting hardware
  • 4 - Butter Mounts
  • 4 - M3x12 Button head hex screws
  • 8 - Nylon M3 hex nuts
  • 4 - M3x8 Nylon standoffs
  • 3 - M3x8 Flat head hex screws (1 spare)
  • 2 - Antenna tubes
  • 2 - Antenna Caps
  • 1 - FlightClub velcro strap
  • Stickers!

The base Tokio X frame kit comes with the standard race canopy.  Add the additional GoPro canopy with the base kit and save $5.  This would include the race canopy and GoPro canopy.

  • Designed for a 2 or 3 flight controller stack.  A PDB, 4in1 ESC and flight controller can be used.
  • Maximum height for the stack is 24mm
  • Depending on the stack height, you can use X4R-sb, XSR (recommended), XM Plus, XM or Spektrum equivalent.
  • Needs to use micro video transmitters such as the FX799T (recommended), TBS Unify Pro series or any other VTX in this size.
  • Designed for the FOXEER Arrow V3 or similar FPV camera.  The HS1177 will work but will not be able to lock the camera angle.

Tokio is perfectly suited for beginners looking for their first quad or a full fledged screaming race quad. Why it's suited for beginners:

  • Every component is fully protected (camera, motors, VTX, flight controller)
  • Easy to build.
  • Fully adjustable camera with angle lock (if used with the Foxeer Arrow or RunCam Swift)
  • Lightweight and strong

Why it's suited for a FPV Racing Quad

  • Protection provided by the Canopy
  • Easy to change VTX channel
  • Fully adjustable camera with angle lock (if used with the Foxeer Arrow or RunCam Swift)
  • Only need to remove two screws to access the entire quad inside.  Makes field repairs quick and painless.
  • Lightweight and strong
Tough as nails frame and great design, chosen because of the pod design and heard its a strong frame. Ive had several hard knocks to the front of the frame and its survived well. Its should have been called Rambo.
Frame arrived yesterday and very simple to put together, The Flight Club tokio is made with really nice and smooth carbon and virtually impossible to bend. I bought this frame on the recommendations of others that is perfect for car park sessions and indoor because there really strong. Also have to give the team at Quadcopters a mention for rapid shipping and delivery can't fault them at all.
My review of the Flightclub Tokio X with pod. Its a very strong frame and a lot of my fellow racers are using them thats why I picked this frame. Its so easy to assemble and all the carbon is of very good quality . Highly recommended due to the ease of building and strength and protection this frame offers.

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