The Hypetrain Motors

The Hypetrain Motors

Rotor Riot Hype Train Freestyle Motors 2306 2450kv -CHOO CHOO! The train has arrived!! The Train De Railed.

Sadly No longer available to PURCHASE HERE

Visiting one UK destination only... QUADCOPTERS.CO.UK. These motors have been designed by our partner across the pond, the Rotor Riot team in the City of Ohio!
We was once a Exclusive UK Reseller of Rotor Riot Hype Train motors but for reasons no fault of our own we are no longer willing to stock Rotor Riot products. 

The gorgeous design and intricate details of the Hypetrain Freestyle motor sets it apart from the competition. The top down view, inspired by the iconic Rotor Riot logo, presents a three-spoke 7075 aluminum bell showcasing the elegant silver coated windings over the orange stator. 

Rotor Riot Hype Train Freestyle Motor Blog and info

We love unique and new design - but performance is the priority. That’s why Rotor Riot thoroughly considered every aesthetic decision, to ensure that it would not hinder the performance of the motor. Every motor gets individually tested before it leaves the factory. Guaranteeing that each motor will not only look nice, but also perform well!

The Hypetrain Freestyle is built around a 2306 stator, with single strand windings that give it a KV rating of about 2450 RPM per Volt. In other words... plenty of power and good efficiency. To ensure reliability, we opted to use high quality silicone wires for the motor leads.

HypeTrain Motors for FPV Freestyle

The “open bottom” style base allows for considerable weight reduction and improved cooling. The revolutionary 16x16 mm mounting screw pattern opens up new design possibilities while still maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy frames. Moreover, we wanted it to have a set screw to hold the bell rather than a C-clip, to facilitate motor cleaning and maintenance! ...and everyone hates losing a C-clip.

"enough power to impress with big punchouts, but not so much that your batteries all give up and die. It's smooth and tunable. And surprisingly efficient!"

-Joshua Bardwell

Joshua Bardwell Review

The RotorRiot HypeTrain Motors made by T-Motor for Freestyle FPV


Motor Specs

2306 - 2450kv

  • 30g weight
  • Silicone wires terminated inside the motor
  • Single Strand, Silver coated windings
  • Hollow steel shaft (Stronger than typical shaft)
  • 1.5mm hex shaft bolt Class 12.9 steel
  • 20 gauge wire
  • Orange stators
  • Magnets N50 arc
  • .15 laminations
  • 16mm x 16mm Mounting pattern
  • Open bottom
  • Custom 7075 Aluminum Rotor Riot bell
  • Wire Length: 100mm, no connectors
  • 1x Prop nut with Nylon insert (locknut)
  • 4 x M3 screws 6mm length
  • Rotor Riot Sticker

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