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 These are small selection of customer reviews for Quadcopters UK

Paul From Yorkshire   

I recently purchased an amazing F450 rig from Quadcopters and the quality and service was brilliant. They took time to walk me through every aspect of the machine and it's capabilities to ensure i was happy. Geoff is a very knowledgable and experienced professional, it was a pleasure doing business with them. Highly recommend.

James Cooper

Even if you have absolutely no experience in RC kit of any kind Geoff, from will walk you through it step by step. I ordered a phantom kitted out for fpv, it arrived next day and I was flying that very afternoon. I cannot recommend enough.

However make sure you have the right screwdrivers and AA batteries, easy to forget. This is the best website for multirotors in the UK.

John Hollidge - Universal Sky Pictures Ltd.

Universal Sky Pictures Ltd has been a customer of for several years.  Their experience, knowledge, and assistance is second to none.  After sales service has been exemplary all the way through, moving rapidly when we are AOG (aircraft on ground) and providing all the back up and support we have needed.  Thoroughly recommended.

James Griffiths

It's a huge pleasure to find any company that has such a touch on customer service and relation as yours does.  You got me out of a hole that I wouldn't have been able to rescue, I now have a fully fledged and capable flying machine and your contact...suffice to say my future business will be going no other way than yours.  Thankyou so much chaps, genuine pleasure co make your acquaintance.

Pete Jacobs - ECM Productions.

Thanks to Quadcopters for the hexacopter we ordered, Had a wonderful day training and learning the system and we have already got jobs booked in for work. The quality of customer care has been excellent throughout the whole ordering process and very helpful in selecting the right machine to suit our requirements . 

Daniel Chapman

Thank you Geoff.
Selling the goods is easy but quality customer service "priceless"

Lee Rowe - Exeter

Having been rather let down by another Rc Helicopter / Quadcopter shop by there basic lack of knowledge and extremely messy build quality I had to send my DJI F450 gps model which I paid to be assembled and allegedly test flown into because from the moment I received it it never flew as it should.

When I received my quad back I could not believe the difference in how it flew , it was honestly like a different machine they even tidied the messy wiring and set up the gyros and installed failsafe which was not even set up properly.

I wanted to name and shame the company but "Geoff" suggested against that due to being unprofessional. 

I can only emphasise, that selling is the easy part actually knowing your products and industry is another thing.

Thanks to all at Quadcopters for helping me back in the air again.

Shane - Z-Ten Media 

Hi Guys,

Just want to say a big thank you for the fast service you provide. I purchased an F450 from you a couple of weeks ago and have purchased various other bits since and the turnaround has always been quick!

I've recommend to you to loads of people (I think Rod from Lincoln purchased the same kit as me), well done keep up the good work!

Cheers Shane 

Jim From Gosport

Just a quick line to say I am impressed with the speed that my order was
 processed and having flown the Quad today I am impressed with the product.
 Having Geoff answer my e mails on a week-end was also impressive.
 Jim from Gosport  

Paul Wills

Having purchased an Quadcopter with DJI WKM build and setup from a different Company I now wish I had done more homework.. The model never flew with numerous issues and no help at all from the supplier.
After researching I spoke with Geoff and sent the complete kit to him. He identified many issues which he sorted. I received the Model back today and it flies like a dream and I couldn't be happier or more grateful. The one good thing to come out of all this is that I have now identified a company that know there stuff.

Thanks Geoff look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Paul Willis