Why Buy From Quadcopters Uk

Why should you buy from Quadcopters Uk The Leading Drone Racing Specialists?

We have been online since early 2011 and was the first in the Uk to start selling drones on a serious basis.

This means our knowledge is unrivalled in this field, We also operate from a real premises unlike many other websites that trade from home to maximise there own profits. We operate from a real place where customers can call in for friendly advice or chat if there is a problem . (not mentioning any names but its surprising how big a company can look like with a website)

We employ real drone racing pilots, Tom Smith and Richard Whelan are both known world wide in the drone racing scene and are on hand in person , telephone or email.

We Pay Vat and Duty , Nobody likes paying customs charges but as they say theres only 2 sure things in life and tax is one of them.
Many companies start up and avoid paying tax and import duties but yet still sell at a similar price to us who are a legitimate UK company , so where does this extra money go .. Answers on a postcard for that one .

Stock: Again having real premises and not trading from a house, bungalow or nan's spare bedroom means we have space .. And space means we can keep stock and by that we mean a lot of it hence why are prices are still competitive with the non vat registered bedroom bandits or home traders.

Staff: As mentioned earlier we have real staff, not imaginary fictional staff but real people who are on hand in person or can help out on the phone , email and support tickets.
We have 4 Technical Staff , Lee , Richard , Tom and Ian who covers holidays etc , 2 Dispatch staff Liz and Darren and 1 buyer.

Race Track - We have a real race track that also is available on the 2 best simulators, We invest money into the hobby and also host competitions and sponsor many events.

So for unrivalled knowledge , great prices and reward points on your purchases you know where to come.